Ranger Dept

Park District Rangers are the primary law enforcement in park facilities, at park programs & events. Along with patroling the parks, they also assist in park maintenance, construction, and programming.



Updated 07-16-14
1.0        Littering, dumping of garbage, sewage and noxious material is prohibited
1.4       Possession of aerosol paint containers is prohibited
2.0        Discharging of firearms, weapons, and explosives of any type is permitted only within specially   designated areas for specially designated purposes within the parks and in compliance with all State of Ohio and Federal laws pertaining to the use of firearms.
3.0        Soliciting, unlawful sales, and advertising of commercial enterprises is prohibited
3.3        A special use permit from the Director is required for the sale of any articles by any
            business or commercial enterprise within the parks
4.0        Alcoholic beverages are prohibited within all areas of the parks
4.3        Obtaining, use of or possession of narcotics and other controlled substances are prohibited
5.0        Obscene or indecent acts or behavior are not permitted within the parks
6.0        Camping is permitted in designated areas only, and subject to the rules and regulations
            posted at that particular site
7.0        Fires are permitted only in picnic grills and fire rings provided for that purpose
8.0        Park hours are from 8:00 am to dark, except in campgrounds and areas where special
            permit has been granted
9.0        Hunting, trapping, and the molesting of wildlife is prohibited within the parks. Hunting is permitted only in specially designated areas for those sportsmen obtaining proper permission and adhering to established rules and regulations.
            Collecting of fruits, nuts, mushrooms and berries is permitted in unrestricted areas.
10.0      Pets must be kept on a leash, and not be left unattended. Attaching leashes to trees is
11.0      Boating is permitted subject to the statutes of the State of Ohio. Restrictions on size and
            power vary with locations
12.0      Non-registered motor vehicles may not be operated on any roadways within the parks
13.0      Traffic regulations pertaining to right-of-way, speed limits, parking, etc., shall be as posted
14.0      Sledding and skiing are permitted only in those areas which have been designated for that
15.0      Swimming is permitted only at designated swimming areas and subject to all rules and
            regulations pertaining to that specific area
16.0      Possession of a permit is necessary for the use of many park facilities
17.0      Scuba diving is permitted only in those areas designated for that purpose and are subject
            to all rules and regulations pertaining to that specific area
18.0      Vandalism, defacement, destruction, removal or disturbance of park property is prohibited
19.0            Disorderly conduct is prohibited
19.3      Disturbing the Peace with a sound-producing device is prohibited
20.0      Unauthorized access or presence without proper permit shall be considered trespassing
21.0      All persons must adhere to the rules and regulations of the Sandusky County Park District
            and the laws of the State of Ohio, and comply with the orders of Park District Rangers
22.0     Smoking is prohibited in all Park District buildings and on the beach

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