The Sandusky County Park District is involved with numerous research projects.  This provides historical record as well as information for the scientific community and an excellent educational experience for the public.  The information gathered also provides guidance in managing natural areas for wildlife habitat, education and recreational use.

Landowner Todd Vance and Tom Kashmer

Thirty Years--10,000 Bluebirds

Tom Kashmer has achieved another milestone.  He banded his 10,000th bluebird on July 9, 2014 on the property of Todd and Kay Vance in western Sandusky County.  No one in Ohio has ever achieved this accomplishment. 

  One Unique Bird!

The oldest wild indigo bunting EVER recorded.  Tom crossed paths with this rare September 28, 2013 at the Creek Bend Farm Banding Station.  The bird was a "recap" which means it was previously captured, banded and released.  It was originally banded in 2001 in Ottawa County, with an estimated birth year of 2000.  The USGS has officially documented this encounter as the OLDEST indigo bunting in the wild.  Previously, the oldest indigo bunting on record was 8 years 3 months.


   On September 14, 2013, this Blackpoll Warbler was the 10,000th bird banded by Tom Kashmer at Creek Bend Farm since 2008. Of those 10,000 there have been 81 different species. Tom's research at this site is significant. It was previously thought that migrating songbirds did not frequently use the smaller tributaries, such as Muddy Creek corridor. This banding project is showing that they do, and interestingly enough are using it primarily during fall migration, but not spring. The research continues.


Research Reports

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