White Star Park


797 Acres
Hours: 8:00 am - dark
Location: The park is located south of Gibsonburg on S.R. 300,
S. Main St.
Operations Office: 901 S. Main,
Gibsonburg, OH  43431
Main Entrance: 925 S. Main, Gibsonburg, OH  43431
Campground: 910 S. Main, Gibsonburg, OH  43431
Barn and Log Cabin: 5013 C.R. 65, Gibsonburg, OH43431
Trail by the Tracks/Sledding Parking: 4899 C.R. 65, Gibsonburg, OH43431
Horse Trail Parking Lot: 1146 C.R. 66, Gibsonburg, OH43431
Doug Haubert Wetland Parking Lot: 1330 C.R. 66, Gibsonburg, OH43431

    Quarry bottom 1975                 Quarry 1976                       Beach Area 1977                      Barn Area 1975
Description & History: White Star was a quarry operation for mining limestone. It was developed with Federal Land & Water Conservation Fund money and the sale of scrap metal from the site. The original 236 acres managed by the Park District was acquired in Jan 1975 through lease agreement with the state. The Park District took ownership in 1991.  Additional acres include: 336 acres acquired in 1995, 80 acres in 2000 with assistance of a donation from Don Miller of
Fremont, 41 acres were added in 2002 with Clean Ohio Conservation Funds, and over 100 more acres were added in 2003 with Clean Ohio Conservation Funds.
White Star Park received the Outstanding Park Area Development Award from the
OhioParks and Recreation Association in 1981 and received the Lake Erie Buffer Award in 2002 from Soil & Water Conservation.

Facilities include play equipment, tables, grills, well water, restrooms (pit toilets), volleyball courts, playfield, nature trails, mountain bike trails, boat ramp, shelters, day camp area, accessible fishing platform, scuba diving, camping. Horse trails are located on CR 66 just north of CR 65. The public is allowed to walk anywhere on the grounds except during hunting season, when only hiking trails west of the railroad tracks are open.

White Star Quarry is 15 acres with an average depth of 40', the tunnel near scuba access is 80'. The quarry is available for non-gas-powered boating & fishing. Vessels must have a valid Ohio boat license. Ohio fishing laws apply.
No ice fishing is allowed. Common fish caught: bluegill, bullhead, catfish, bass, trout, yellow perch.  
Scuba Diving Information: Contact Divers Incorporated, 419-637-DIVE,

Camping: White Star Campground is located across from the park's main entrance, open April 15-Nov 15. Season Pass-Individual:  $35Season Passes may be purchased at the Beach House or at the Main Office in Fremont. 


Season passes are $35/Single Pass, Sandusky County resident; $45/Single Pass, non-resident;
Family pass for Sandusky County resident is $50 for two people + $10 for each additional person (limit of 8 people total per pass); Non- resident family pass is $65 for two people + $15 for each additional person (limit of 8 people total per pass). 
Daily rates:  2 years and under free; ages 3-12 are $2.00; ages 13 and up are $4.00 per day
The beach house includes changing rooms and concession stand. Swim area depth is from 0 - 15'. Beach is NON-SMOKING area.

What is allowed on the beach?
           YES: Coast Guard approved life jackets & vests; beach buckets, sand toys, noodles; coolers (with no glass or cans)
            NO: glass, no cans, no inflatable devices including floaties, balls, & rafts
Metal detectors on beach require special use permit for use on the sand (water entry is not permitted). Metal detectors may be used in all other facilities year-round without special use permit.


The campground is a self-registration system at the entrance. 
All sites are first-come, first-serve, no reservations taken.
"Primitive" sites (with no water or electric hook-up) are $15 per site per night. Campers are allowed up to 8 people per site, with 2 tents OR 1 camper & 1 tent per site.
Sites with water hook-up & electric hook-up are $25 per site, per night. There are 21 sites with 30 amp service and those sites are 45' long and 15' wide. Site #26 and site #27 are pull-through sites with 50 amp service and those sites are 88' long and 15' wide. 
Each site includes a table and a fire ring.  Purchase firewood on site, $5 bundle.  
SanduskyCounty youth groups camp free at primitive sites with two weeks notice by contacting the Park District Office in Fremont: 419-334-4495.

Mountain Bike Trails: Bicycles are allowed on the trails south of C.R. 65, east of railroad tracks. Access to these trails is best at the Trail by the Tracks parking lot on C.R. 65 or at the Barn/Log Cabin parking lot on C.R. 65.

Hunting: Hunting is permitted at
WhiteStarPark east of the railroad tracks. Ohio hunting laws apply. Permission to hunt is obtained by contacting the Park District Office: 419-334-4495 or by calling the Ranger on Duty: 419-355-7066.

Picnic Facilities
Grills and picnic tables are available throughout the park around the quarry area.  You may bring your own grill and chairs into the park, however,  vehicles are not allowed to drive into the main picnic area (except for Park District Operations & Rangers). Items must be carried from the parking lot. (wheeled carts, coolers, or little red wagons are helpful)
If someone in your group has limited mobility, the best facilities to rent are the shelter by the sidewalk (Sycamore Shelter), and the Barn or the Shed (where you may pull a vehicle right up to the door). 
Special use permits available for special events, day camps, etc. in the park.
         Sycamore Shelter                  Oak Shelter (previously 'Chinquapin Oak Shelter')       Simcox Shelter
To reserve a shelter, click on "Register Online - Facilities" at the top of this page or call 419-334-4495.

Sycamore Shelter - open sided, no electricity, next to the sidewalk (parking lot to shelter distance: 225 ft)
Oak Shelter - open sided, no electricity (parking lot to shelter distance: 235 ft)
Simcox Shelter - open sided with a small enclosed section, has electricity (parking lot to shelter distance: 640 ft)
All shelters are $50
SanduskyCounty residents, $75 non-residents. All shelters have a minimum of 10 tables, good for a group of approx. 60-80 people. When not reserved, shelters are on a first come, first serve basis.
Barn - $200
SanduskyCounty residents, $300 non-residents, 25 tables, approx. 150-200+ people, with electricity. 
Shed (small section of barn) - $75
residents, $110 non-residents, 15 tables, 90-120 people, with electricity. 
     Shed & Barn                                      Barn (inside area)                     Barn (patio area)                                     Shed

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about Special Events & Weddings! 

Activities: Birding, Biking, Boating, Camping, Canoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Fishing, Geocaching, Hiking, History, Hunting, Metal Detecting, Picnicking, Picnic Shelters, Reservations Accepted, Scuba Diving, Sledding, Swimming

                        Campground                                                                   Log Cabins: Reineck Cabin & Schlea-Swartzlander Cabin

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FAQ about Special Events & Weddings
Commonly asked questions about barn area rentals.

Can I rent the log cabin?
No. The interior of the cabins are for program use only. 

Can I use the porch of the cabin to take wedding/family/senior pictures?
Sure. The park is open year-round. Just park by the gates on C.R. 65 and walk down the lane. 

What if I want to drive into the park to use the cabin porch?
Gates are only open for maintenance, scheduled programs, or if there is a reservation at the barn or shed. There is a $50 fee for gates to be opened at a specific time just for access to the cabin porch. 

Anything else I need to know about using the porch of the cabin?
Yes. Please leave the porch the way you found it, such as if you moved any of the wood put it back in the pile, etc. Be sure not to smoke or use open candles or flames on the porch. And don't use nails, staples, screws, etc. to place any decorations. 

Can I take a look inside the barn to see if it's going to work for a wedding/reception/reunion/company picnic ?
Yes. There are some photos on the website under 'General Information - Reserve a Shelter'. You can also call the Ranger on Duty (419-355-7066) and set up an appointment. 

Is alcohol allowed in the park or in the barn?

Can I get into the barn the day before to decorate for my event?
You can, but it requires reservation of the facility for an additional day. Be sure not to smoke or use open candles or flames around the barn. And don't use nails, staples, screws, etc. to place any decorations. Please note that we won't enter the barn for any clean-up after decorations are placed and we're not responsible for the condition of them due to weather or any critters that visit during the night. 

Is there a season for renting the barn?
We suggest barn rentals between April 15 and November 15, because that's when water is turned on and available. Also the barn isn't heated so it gets cold and you have fewer daylight hours outside of those dates. 

How late can we stay?
You must be out at the departure time listed on your reservation form, which is around sunset. 

Is there a changing room?
No. There are restrooms (pit toilets) that can be used. Each restroom stall is 5'6" x 3'6". There are 2 stalls in the men's room, 2 stalls in the women's room. 

Is there a refrigerator in the barn?

Are there tables & chairs?
We have picnic tables. You are welcome to bring additional tables & chairs. If you choose to move the picnic tables around (and please note that they are very sturdy), please move them back the way you found them before you leave. 

Is there enough power at the barn for my band, enough outlets for my caterer?
There is ample power and plenty of outlets. 

Can I use the Mull Covered Bridge for a wedding?
Absolutely. There is no fee to use the bridge. However there is very limited parking in the lot. Be sure not to smoke or use open candles or flames on the bridge. And don't use nails, staples, screws, etc. to place any decorations.
**NOTE: Due to scheduled bridge repairs, access will be limited in 2014**

 If you have other questions, contact: 419-334-4495



Hunting Map


White Star Beach Information


May 24-26, May 31-June 1, June 7-Aug 17, Aug 23-24, Aug 30-Sept 1 weather permitting. Hours are 12 noon until 8:00 p.m.daily.



Passes may be purchased at the White Star Beach House or Countryside Park: Main Office.

  County Resident Out-of-County
Individual Season Pass $35.00 $45.00
Family Season Pass $60.00 $90.00
***additional people (max of 4) $10.00/person $15.00/person
Daily Adult (13 +) $4.00 $4.00
Daily Child (3-12 years) $2.00 $2.00
Swim Lessons $20.00/session $30.00/session