Hunting is allowed in designated areas of White Star Park and Ringneck Ridge Wildlife Area

A Sandusky County Park District permit is required. The permit is free and can be done online. A copy will be emailed and can be kept on your mobile phone.

All Ohio hunting Regulations apply in addition to Sandusky County Park District hunting rules and regulations.

Hunters are asked to complete an online survey following each hunt.  

Hunting season is September 1st until the last day in February.

A tree stand or ground blind on Park District public hunting areas is legal as long as it is portable and uses no nails, steps, or any other device placed or inserted into a tree. The tree stand may be installed from September 1st to the last day in February, annually and must have a tag with name, address, and phone number. If stand is not picked up, it will be confiscated and considered Park District property.

No person shall hunt with a rimfire or centerfire pistol or rifle.


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Deer Gun Season

Small game, waterfowl and pheasant hunting are NOT allowed during deer gun season.  This includes youth hunts and muzzleloader season. To participate in ANY deer gun season hunters MUST participate in the Deer Gun Drawing which will be held on the first Thursday in November. We will not have an in person drawing, we will draw names based off of information given from your hunting permit. You will be notified via e-mail of the results.