White Star Beach

White Star Beach will be open May 28-29-30, then open June 4-5. Will be open daily starting June 11th. Beach hours are noon - 8pm

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Preserving natural areas for the public appreciation, education, and recreational use.

The Sandusky County Park District was created on December 7, 1973. It was created because of an opportunity to develop an abandoned quarry operation into a public park. The property was owned by the State of Ohio, and with the establishment of an Ohio Revised Code 1545 Park District, a lease agreement could be made. In the years that followed, with great volunteer effort, that area became what is now known as White Star Park. Since then the Sandusky County Park District has expanded to include 16 parks and over 2500 acres.

Park District income is derived from a 1 mill property tax levy that was passed in 2016. This 10 year levy brings in approximately $1,000,000 annually. Additional income comes from user fees, grants, and donations.