White Star Beach

White Star Beach is open noon to 8pm daily! Click HERE for information.

Park District Contacts

If this is an emergency call 9-1-1

To contact the Ranger on Duty : 419-355-7066

Main Office Phone : 419-334-4495    Fax number: 419-334-9508   email : [email protected]


Director: Andy Brown [email protected]
Human Resources Business Manager: Christina Warden [email protected]
Research Coordinator: Tom Kashmer [email protected]

Operations Supervisor: Jeff Miller [email protected]
Stewardship Coordinator: Adam Saylor [email protected]
Stewardship Specialist: Colton Ott [email protected]
Park Worker: Noah Scott [email protected]
Park Worker: Patrick Shull [email protected]

Program Supervisor: Deb Nofzinger [email protected] 
Interpretive Naturalist: Debbie Haubert [email protected]
Interpretive Naturalist: Sarah Chong [email protected]

Chief Ranger: Chuck Broshious [email protected]
Ranger: Brett Foos [email protected]
Ranger: Brad Bannister [email protected] 
Ranger: David Mechel [email protected]