If you are reporting a maintenance issue on the North Coast Inland Trail make sure that it is a section that is maintained by the Sandusky County Park District.  The Sandsuky County Park District maintains the following sections of the North Coast Inland Trail:

          West Section: County Road 74 (east of Sugar Creek Golf Course) -> -> -> Walter Avenue (west of Fremont)

          Central Section: Smith Road (east of Fremont) -> -> -> Woodland Avenue (west of Clyde, behind Whirlpool)

          East Section: East Street (east of Clyde) -> -> -> Country Road 177 (west of Bellevue)

When reporting an issue include the following information

1.  List the exact location.

       -List the crossroads the issue is closest too.
       -Is it near an obvious landmark

2.  If we need to follow up with you, what is the best way to get in contact.