Creek Bend Farm

Creek Bend Farm has undergone many changes in the nearly 200 years since it was established. The property became a county park after it was donated by the Roush family in 2002. Creek Bend has 310 acres and over two miles of trails. As you walk the trails you can still see the Osage Orange tree row that was used as a natural fence, as well as remnants of an old electric fence from when the creek area was used for livestock. 

 Aerial View 1975

Aerial View of Property August 1975

Aerial View of Property July 2017

Most of the original buildings are still standing, including the homestead house, main barn, horse barn, and tool shed. Compare the buildings you see today to this artist rendering of the property from the 1874 Sandusky County Atlas. 


1874 Sandusky County Atlas Drawing of Property

The landscape of Creek Bend Farm has changed since its time as an operational farm. Muddy Creek, which runs through the property, used to be a pasture area for pigs and cows. There was much less vegetation along the banks of the creek compared to today.  


Pigs by Muddy Creek and 590 Bridge

Dry Creek

This photo from 1930 shows Muddy Creek almost completely dry. 

In 1942 Ernest Roush had Creek Bend Farm designated as an Ohio Tree Farm by the Ohio Division of Forestry. Many of these old ash trees were used to repair barn siding and floors, and as part of the interior design of the nature center when it was built in 2014. 

Tree Farm

 Tree Farm Designation 1942

Ash Trees

Ash Trees used for Repairs on Main Barn