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Redhorse Bend is a 78 acre property located on both sides of the route 20 bypass between the 6 and 53 exits. The property encompasses just under a mile of the Sandusky river, as well as 16 acres of forest and wetlands. The location was previously farmland, and flooded frequently. The Black Swamp Conservancy purchased the land and used grant funding from the ODNR H2Ohio program to complete large scale restorations that included turning the more than 60 acres of farmland back into wetlands, and planting a pollinator meadow. The property was gifted to SCPD in June of 2022 to become a nature preserve. The property is named after a type of fish, called a Redhorse Sucker. There are seven species of this indicator species in Ohio, and their presence means that a river is healthy. ​